It Wasn't a Rude Gesture, It was a Brass Rat

Even though it made me go a second or so over the 4 minute limit, it seemed important to explain that my involuntary gesture when mentioning the Famous Trade Skule wasn't intended as a "rude gesture". In fact, what it was was an attempt to flash the semifamous school ring, a/k/a the "Brass Rat", I've been wearing for more years than I like to remember. (No, I won't show the other side view, with the class year on it; I feel middlemiddleaged enough without rubbing it it.)

Front, or maybe top, view:

(The totem animal is, of course, a beaver; "nature's engineer", you know. The also-famous trade skule in Pasadena has the same totem, b/t/w, but I actually don't know whether they put it on their class rings, though I think not or I'dve noticed, having several friends who went there.)

Side view (of the side I'm willing to show):

Please note that I'm not intending to brag about having gone there; I'm actually not particularly proud of the 'Tute, and probably would have been better off at the ArtsyFartsy Place Up the Street, but since the Trade Skule Down the River is supposed to furnish good Science, and Engineering, education, it does seem fair to mention that my background is such that I'm not making all this stuff up about the shortcomings of statistics and what is or isn't "in the literature", however hard it is for the brainwashed majority to accept its truth.